Mohan Babu Becomes 'BJP Manishi' NowMohan Babu, Vishnu, and Manoj have attended a court in Tirupati. This is regarding the protest they staged against the then TDP government over fees reimbursement arrears.

Since the model code of conduct is in force, the local administration had registered a case on Mohan Babu and his sons. The case came to hearing today.

Back then, it was open that Mohan Babu did the protest to trouble Chandrababu Naidu at the behest of Jagan Mohan Reddy. Mohan Babu later joined YSR Congress and campaigned for the party.

Mohan Babu spoke to the media at the court and made some interesting comments. “I am a BJP Manishi. I always wish BJP stays in Power forever at the center. I am a real hero. Illegal cases were filed on me for fighting for students,” Mohan Babu said.

It is already known that Mohan Babu has been unhappy with Jagan for a long time. He even gave an interview to ABN Radhakrishna giving such feelers. It looks like after TDP and YSR Congress, Mohan Babu shifted to BJP now.

It is not like a person can not survive without ant political inclination, Mohan Babu should consider that option and find peace in films and businesses.