Modi-visa-on-arrivalPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visa on Arrival which was termed as a diplomatic weapon to win the hearts of other countries and as well as increase the tourism in the country is badly misfired. However Modi’s government has to blame itself for this failure due to its misleading terminology.

In pure words, there is no Visa on Arrival in India, there is an email visa, which has to be applied for a minimum four days before you reach India. But still they call it as Visa on Arrival. Going by the terms, several tourists reportedly were misled, they were deported back to their countries from Airports after coming here directly.

The term visa on arrival is an internationally recognized nomenclature. It means you can get a visa on arrival without having to apply in advance. But the central government’s new definition is not only troubling the abroad tourists but also giving them a bad notion of the country and our hospitality which will hit the tourism segment very badly.