narendra-modi-facebook-graphPrime Minister Narendra Modi once ruled the Social networking world with immense popularity every where. The Prime Minister is one of the most popular figures on the Facebook; it is believed that every fourth Facebook user has “liked” him. However experts say Modi’s popularity as taken a dip in the recent times with controversial happenings like Ghar Whapsi and Land Acquisition Bill.

The Prime Minister’s 2.8 crore ‘likes’ in March to roughly 2.78 crore till date. However the Saffron party claims that there is no such effect on Modi’s popularity and the decline is due to “technical issues”.

The Facebook page always reflected Modi’s political growth. Modi enjoyed a little over 20 lakh ‘likes’ on Facebook in July 2013 when he is the Chief Minister of Gujarat. But this shot up to 1.56 crore when he took over as the prime minister in May of 2014 and the uptrend continued till October 2014, when Modi wave is at peaks.