Modi Wins Times Magazine Title 2016?Modi who was the Time’s Person of the Year 2014, is now again in the top voted contenders of the Title. Narendra Modi is leading the readers poll with 18 percent votes and it is the fourth time that he was nominated for the title.

World leaders Barak Obama, the newly elected President Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin too, hasn’t procured the votes as much as Modi captured. These three leaders were voted ‘Yes’ by 7 percent of readers while Modi received 18 percent of the votes. This shows the popularity of Modi to be continued worldwide.

The poll is open until Sunday though but looking at the review, Modi is far ahead of the other competitors. The results would be out on 7th of December. Times Magazine conducts the poll annually for the title ‘Time’s Person of the Year’ nominating the personalities that were influenced world news the most.