Modi wants Andhra Pradesh to starveWe have already seen and written numerous articles about the apathy of Central government in helping Andhra Pradesh. Here is the next level of apathy. For the year 2016-2017, AP government had mentioned in its budget that it will go for 21,528 Crore loans based on its GSDP. This should need the approval of the Union Finance department.

But the center only approved loans of 18,796 Crore for this year which is 2786 Crore from the state government’s estimation. This mean the center will not help and even would not allow to go for loans. People are bubbling in anger over this move and are questioning if Modi government wants Andhra Pradesh to starve.

This move is likely to suffocate TDP in NDA government. Few days ago, the Center relaxed FRBM limits and allowed Telangana to go for loans but at the same time cut the usual loans to the state ruled by its allies. Looks like Modi government wants to send out TDP out of NDA and bring in TRS!