Modi Smells a Big Chance in Tamil NaduTamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s sudden demise will not only have a long lasting impact on Tamil Politics but also on the entire Indian Political arena. There is an air of uncertainty as Tamil Nadu will have to be headed by a weak and nominated leadership.

With AIADMK not having that strong leadership, everyone within and outside the party will fancy their chances on the Chief Minister’s Seat. The National Parties like BJP and Congress will be fancying their chances in the state politics which were dominated by Regional Parties until now.

States which such scenario will always look at a strong leadership which BJP currently lacks. But then, BJP will have a decent chance if they push back Subrahmanya Swamy to the state. Swamy is becoming a headache for Modi at the center of so many controversies.

With Swamy back to Chennai, Modi will also have some relief at the Center. Having said that all it is not easy to please the people who have strong sentiment towards their language while BJP is often seen as Hindi and North Indian Party.