Ktr Speech ModiBRS has been steadily upping the ante against BJP. While KCR is busy uniting anti-BJP troops across the country, Telangana IT minister KTR has now started a verbal attack on Modi.

“This Modi might be a god for people like Adani who run fraudulent accounts. But for Telangana, this Modi will always remain to be a bad omen and detractor.” KTR said.

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“The only thing Modi knows is sending CBI, ED, IT against those who rightfully question him. He might send them on me as well. But I’m not scared of him. For the Telangana movement, we all went to jail to fight for the cause. We are ready to do the same again if it means Modi is uprooted” KTR said.

KTR went on to add that the worst thing to happen o Telangana is BJP. All they do is differentiate Hindus and Muslims, he said.

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“This BJP politicises even the demise of medical student Preethi. The TRS and the Telangana government will stand by the family no matter what. Whoever might be the culprit, be it Saif or be it Sanjay, we will ensure he faces the legal consequences for the crime” KTR stated.