Narendra-Modi-Pawan-KalyanThere is friction between Janasena and BJP parties. It is evident that BJP is not making an attempt to bridge the gap.

Recently, the central government ignored inviting Pawan Kalyan to the Bhimavaram event till the last minute. Pawan Kalyan skipped it even though he was invited.

The other day, Pawan Kalyan was also invited to outgoing President Ramnath Kovind’s farewell event.

But he once again released a Press Note saying thanks for the invitation but said he could not attend due to ill health.

There are rumors that Pawan Kalyan intentionally skipped both these events so that BJP high command knows he is upset. He is expecting Modi and Amit Shah to ask him about it and sort it out.

But it looks like BJP high command is intentionally ignoring those feelers as if they will call Pawan Kalyan, he is likely to gain upper hand in the bargain.

But then, these issues can potentially damage the already sore ties.