Rakhi Sawant, Rakhi Sawant Dress Narendra Modi Legal Case, Rakhi Sawant Dress Modi Legal Case, Rakhi Sawant Dress Narendra Modi Court Case Approved Rakhi Sawant has been known to court controversies to stay in the limelight. Her latest stint of publicity comes in the form of a dress that she wore to an event in USA to mark Independence Day.

The dress in question had pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi against a black backdrop. The controversy surrounding the dress started when a local court on Friday accepted a plea against the celebrity which alleged that she had disrespected the PM by wearing that dress to the function in US.

The petition itself is filed by an NGO based in Meerut who call themselves Progressive Women Welfare Society. The NGO claims that by wearing this dress, Rakhi has degraded the position of the Prime Minister not just in India but also on a global level.

Meanwhile, Rakhi believes that she was just representing India in the US by wearing this dress and further claims that the dress was approved by the BJP.