Did Modi Hide Something About Jayalalithaa?The sudden demise of Jayalalithaa has pushed the future of Tamil Nadu and the state politics into a dilemma. While the backdoor political permutations and combinations are already going on, the mystery about Jayalalithaa’s death is still being speculated. There are a good number of people who suspect a foul play in the entire episode.

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They remind how nobody did see Jayalalithaa for the total 74 days she is in Apollo Hospital. Only Sasikala had the access to Jayalalithaa. There are people who believe Jayalalithaa is dead a long ago and the news was just hidden until the next heir is decided.

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Jayalalithaa is often known to be a good friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and one can not stop noticing the fact Modi did not meet Jayalalithaa when she was in the hospital. This may be a conscious decision taken because Modi being a Prime Minister could not reveal a false update about her health.

And the other aspect is that even at the time when Apollo Hospital was talking about Jayalalithaa’s discharge, they did not release a single picture of her giving to more doubts now. Probably, this is one of biggest guarded secrets in Indian Political History. The dead Jayalalithaa could not tell and those who are behind will not tell.

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