Modi Govt's Surprising Argument Against Vishaka Steel PlantThe Central Government has filed a counter affidavit in the PIL filed in the High Court against the privatization of the Vizag Steel Plant. The Center has said the disinvestment is happening through privatization and the Cabinet Committee headed by the Prime Minister had taken a decision to this effect.

The affidavit also mentioned that the legal inquiry into the decisions taken on the economic needs of the country is inappropriate. The Center reminded that there are Supreme Court judgments on the issue of withdrawal of investment and added that the process is being looked into by experienced senior officials.

“Former CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana who filed the case had contested in the recent parliamentary elections. It is obvious that he has filed the petition for political gain. The PIL should not be entertained,” the center said in the counter.

JD Lakshminarayana has contested for Vishaka parliament in the 2019 election but has quit the party after the elections. He has not joined any party since then. Keeping that aside, it is surprising that Center could not see any people’s interest in the issue.