Modi Government to Introduce New Reservations?Narendra Modi-led central Government is bringing up a proposal to provide reservation in promotion for SC and ST employees in government jobs with an opinion that “For equal opportunity and inclusive growth, there is a need for reservation in promotion to continue in favour of SCs and STs”.

But then, this decision can open pandora box as the reservations are already existing in Recruitments and many feel that Promotions should happen only on the basis of Merit.There is a debate going on for years that Reservations should be revised after a certain period of time and there are also demands that a family, when placed in a government job due to Reservation, will have to forgo that.

This may be the biggest Election Weapon for BJP for 2019 elections. The Saffron Party woos the voters of SC and ST communities with this announcement which will be made very soon. But then the implications on the society due to this have to be gauged by the government before making it a law.