narendra-modi-losing-twitter-followers-rs-500-and-rs-1000-banNarendra Modi’s plan of demonetising currency notes of Rs. 500 and 1000 has been a welcome move in the war against counterfeit notes and black money accumulation. However, this move has posed some difficulties and people are taking it hard.

Many are blaming the government and the PM and as a result, PM Modi is facing some backlash over this decision. Twitter statistics show that his following fell by over 3 lakh on 9 November, the day after the announcement.

However, while there is a lot of anger and backlash against this move, some incidents show that the demonetization is effecting in curbing black money accumulation. For instance, a plastic bag full of Rs. 1,000 notes worth Rs. 52,000 was thrown on the streets which were later found by a rag picker in Pune. The lady immediately informed her supervisor who then informed the police. Currently, investigations are being carried to find out the owner of the money.