Narendra Modi Faces the Same Problem as Chandrababu NaiduAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is one Chief Minister who brings innovation to administration. He is trying out several things in the truncated state from social welfare programs to technological advancements. But then Naidu is lacking proper narrative which could not highlight the achievements of his government.

Even TDP supporters agree that lack of proper communication is the biggest drawback of Chandrababu Naidu’s government. But then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also suffering from a similar problem. A good example of that happened the other day. A news erupted out of nowhere that central government is going to put curbs on Gold holdings on the people.

They say each married women will be allowed only 500 gms each, unmarried women 250 gms each and men can have 100 gms only. There is a sense of panic everywhere as Gold is an integral part of Indian families and suddenly there is an outcry on the government from all quarters.

There are some analysts who feel that the government may fall down if the center decides to touch gold as it is an emotional issue for the people particularly women. But then it ended up as a communication failure on the part of Modi government. In fact, these gold limits are in force since 1994 and nothing new. But then it came out suddenly to haunt Modi government.