Modi Eliminates 'Jagan' To Avoid Mess!Narendra Modi‘s government had decided to do away with the payments of the Employment Guarantee Scheme to the accounts of the state government. Jagan government has been diverting the funds to other uses denying the vendors.

There were several complaints and court cases on them but the state government would not change.

The central government is also being made a party in such cases. Despite giving money, the central government is often in an unnecessary mess.

So, the Central government has decided to disburse the funds of the scheme directly to the vendors. The funds will be directly deposited in the accounts of construction material vendors.

On the instructions of the central government, officials have started the registration of the vendors.

They will supply material for works based on the resolution of the Panchayats.

After the completion of works, engineers will calculate and raise bills. The Center will deposit the amounts.

As of now, this kind of system exists only in Andhra Pradesh due to the special conditions prevalent here.

The central government does not trust a state government and there can not be a bigger insult than this. But one should say the Jagan government brought it to itself.