Modi to Begin Black Money Clean up from His Own PartyFollowing the commentaries of Opposition condemning PM to give pointers to some of the party members and that they have invested cores in real estate being aware of the demonetization, Modi addressed the party members on Tuesday in BJP Parliamentary party meeting.

Modi Directed the BJP MLA’s and MP’s to submit their bank account transactions from November 8th to December 31 to party chief Amit Shah by the first day of New Year. He also has talked about the Amended IT Act mentioning that this program is made for the welfare of poor and sought the support of the party in making the country digital.

The money obtained in the form of tax under this act would be used for various development plans like electricity, roads, education etc. Prime Minister informed that the amendment is brought up to draw the money looted from the poor and use it for the welfare of their own by turning the black money to white. Looks like Modi started the clean up from his home.