Modi Became Emotional Like ChandrababuA few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in tears in an interaction program with frontline workers as he got choked in emotion. There has been criticism about that and Congress has termed those tears as crocodile tears.

There is a similar opinion about it in social media as well. But then, Popular Avadhani, Garikipati Narasimha Rao came in support of Narendra Modi. “When thirty people passed away in Pushkaralu, Chandrababu was in tears while speaking to media. It is natural for a leader to feel like that,” Garikipati said.

“It is not justified to criticize Narendra Modi. But then, I too feel Modi should have foreseen this crisis. He should not have given the vaccines to other countries when they sang praises of him. Now, we are importing the vaccines from other countries,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Corona second wave graph seems to be finally bending. From the peak of over Four lakh COVID-19 cases, it has come down to around 2.5 Lakh cases in the country. However, we can not lower the guard until the number comes below One Lakh cases.