Modi-and-Shah-to-Finish-Jagan,-if-BJP-Gets-Absolute-MajorityThere is a lot of discussion going on about what could be the situation at the Center post-May 23rd. BJP is hopeful that its recent laurels at the Border has turned the tide in favor of it and they are likely to cross the Simple Majority on their own or with the help of their current allies. Meanwhile, the Opposition is hoping for a Hung.

Regional Players like KCR and Jagan Mohan Reddy are hoping for a hung which would lead to a 96 like Situation which will be the best scenario for Regional Parties. As of today, BJP is looking at TRS and YSR Congress as possible allies. To keep Congress away from Telangana and defeat Chandrababu in AP, BJP cozied with both the parties until now.

However, if BJP gets the majority on its own in the upcoming Elections, A Chandrababu Naidu like treatment will await Jagan Mohan Reddy even if the latter wins Andhra Pradesh. BJP led Central Government will not co-operate with the state and even accelerate the cases of Jagan Mohan Reddy to prove himself a failure.

BJP did not co-operate with Chandrababu Naidu even though they are in an alliance post-2014 elections. They backstabbed Chandrababu and forced him out of NDA. Things would be worse for Jagan if BJP does not need his help. If Chandrababu wins, BJP would look to finish YSRCP and occupy the Opposition Space. Modi and Shah have decided that decimating TDP and YSR Congress is the best way for BJP to enter Andhra Pradesh.