Buggana Rajendranath Reddy 3 CapitalsFinance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy attended Bengaluru Industry Meet representing Andhra Pradesh. Buggana who is confined only to flying to Delhi to bargain for loans with the Center and RBI struggled speaking at the investors Summit.

He tried to clarify the Capital confusion of Andhra Pradesh but in the process made a more mess of it.

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“The concept of Three Capitals is miscommunicated. Administration will be completely in Vizag. Vishakapatnam will develop more as a result because it is a port city with cosmopolitan culture. Kurnool will have a high court bench like how there is one in Gulbarga. Guntur will have an assembly session to address regional issues,” Buggana said.

Saying the concept of three capitals is a miscommunication is heights of recklessness and apathy. Bifurcated Andhra Pradesh is nine years old and is yet to have a capital.

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AP is the only state which has no capital for pitching to the investors thanks to the three cards game unleashed by Jagan after coming to power.

Over 33,000 farmers have come forward to give their lands like never before in land pooling and Buggana just said all the thamasha that happened in these three and a half years is a miscommunication.

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We have seen government introducing and retracting bills in the assembly, waste 100s of hours in the assembly, give 1000s of hours of political discourse in the name of decentralization, questions in the Parliament and now, we have Buggana saying that all of that is a miscommunication.

This looks like plan to go forward avoiding legal troubles in shifting to Vishakapatnam.

But then, we have heard of Thuglaq who used to change capital between Delhi and Daulatabad multiple times and now, we have Naya Thuglaqs even in this 2020s.

People – Vishakapatnam/Amaravati may have understood by now the location of capital does not matter much until we have a government with stone age mentality.