Nani JaganAllu Arjun’s Pushpa is a failure in Andhra Pradesh thanks to the untenable ticket prices in the state. It is not just the case of Pushpa, every successful film will struggle to breakeven in Andhra Pradesh if the rates of the Government is followed religiously.

In saying ‘if followed religiously’, we speak about exceptions to films like Bangarraju when they star actors like Nagarjuna who is close to those in power. Nagarjuna went to the extent of going against the industry in supporting Jagan to earn the support of the Government for his movie.

At this juncture, a section of YCP media has started a new propaganda against Nani. They have been churning stories of how Nani killed his own movie, Shyam Singha Roy by going against the Government. But then, that brings us to the question – if they are validating Vendetta politics and are trying to wrong those who say it is wrong.

A section of media has become synonym for Modern-day Slavery elevating mindless Vendetta Politics as heroism and advising people to learn living with out self-esteem to please those in power and those high on power.

In the process, they are only admitting that we are living in the age of feudal, autocratic and dictator government.