cell phones sale increaseAccording to a Mobile Market Research Agency, Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung based out in Germany, Indians will be spending 75000 Crores this year on mobile phones. Out of this, a whopping 52000 Crore will be of the Smart Phones segment. The agency estimated the sale of 20 Crore mobile units in India out of which 4.30 Crores are smart phones.

The increase in the smart phones usage is attributed to the sale of such phones as low as 2000 Rupees and also the increasing Internet users in the country. Coming to the real figures, the country has witness a sale of 14.70 Crores Mobile phones worth 57000 Crores till September this year. Out of which 3.90 Crores are smart phone costing 39000 Crores.

Based on the sales till September, Samsung is the leader in market share with 34.2%, followed by Micromax with 17.9% and Nokia with 16.3%