MLC Ananthababu Comes To Jail In An MLA's Car!MLC Ananthababu who was arrested in his Dalit driver’s murder case was in jail since then. The court recently gave him bail for his mother’s final rites.

After fourteen days of bail, he came back to the jail on Friday. Court already extended his remand until the 23rd of this month.

Fearing the ire of SC voters, YSR Congress suspended him from the party. But then, he continues to have the support of the party and the government behind the scenes.

On Friday, Ananthababu came in the car of a YSR Congress MLA to the Quarry Market junction in Rajamahendravaram. From there, he changed to another vehicle and reached the jail.

The escort of the concerned MLA also came along with them. The MLC’s followers and YSR Congress supporters were at the jail premises to give him a send-off.

This clearly indicates the MLC enjoys the full support of the party and the government despite committing a heinous crime against a poor Dalit.

There were rumors in the East Godavari district that the MLC will get an MLA ticket in the next election.