Roja Controversial Comments Nara Lokesh jai andhra pradesh Meeting VizagYSR Congress Nagari MLA Roja once again took potshots on TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh. The former actress seems to have targeted the scion of Chandrababu and is using cheap language to degrade him in the public. The other day at Vishakapatnam Jai Andhra Pradesh meeting of YSR Congress, Roja is at it once again.

She called Lokesh as more of a comedy artist and less of a comedy villain. However, as always Lokesh has maintained his calm and is not resorting to Cheap Talk. “Thats the decorum a leader has to maintain. It is difficult not to respond at such cheap remarks but then Lokesh has displayed so much of political maturity”, a Political Expert opined.

“If this strategy continues, such comments will backfire on YSR Congress. People will feel sympathy and respect to Lokesh in this aspect and it only help TDP eventually,” he added. It looks like YSR Congress has deputed Roja on Lokesh to give the feel of an extra-constitutional authority interfering in the administration.But then it is tough to believe a strong leader like Chandrababu getting influenced easily.