H1-B Visa HoldersIn a recent move, a bill in the Texas state legislature will prohibit many immigrants and H1-B visa holders from owning property in the state. This includes China and three other countries – Iran, North Korea, and Russia. The bill follows a law banning those countries from threatening America’s infrastructure.

However, this is not the beginning, but part of an ongoing process wherein an executive order was issued last September prohibiting the government entities from getting technology products and services from companies owned or controlled by or domiciled in seven countries that include China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, and Russia.

There have been varied opinions on the issue that is not a law as yet and the Americans feel that property ownership is a right that should be reserved for Americans.

In fact, some on social media welcomed the bill saying that in China, foreigners are not allowed to buy land as it is owned by the Chinese state. Another comment said he welcomed the move as foreigners in India cannot buy any property and he added that he supported the Texas bill banning property buying by H1Bs.

Then there was another Netizen who pointed out that, ‘Country of birth discrimination in buying property is “unconstitutional”, but is it okay if it happens in allotting green cards? Right? Hypocrisy!!’

However, such bills and laws are not uncommon.

Some time back, similar regulations were passed in Canada and it looks like the US is taking a lesson or two from its northern neighbor. A Netizen aptly said, “I would not necessarily support this law but I note Canada bars all nationalities from owning homes.”