Mission-60-for-JanasenaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan, the other day, has confirmed that his party will not go to the elections in alliance with any party except for the Communist Parties. He also announced that Janasena Party will contest in all the 175 constituencies in Andhra Pradesh in the upcoming elections.

But then, a source within Janasena Party told us that the actual focus of the party is just on 60 seats. “We do not have hopes on coming to Power in 2019. Our plan is to win as many seats as possible and play the role of Kingmaker just like JDS in the recent Karnataka Elections,” the source said.

Accordingly, Janasena has identified 60 constituencies across the state and are trying to field strong candidates in these seats. Most of these seats are in Uttarandhra and Godavari Districts. They feel the Party Prospects is decent in Krishna and Guntur districts as well. They have fewer hopes on South Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema as of now.

Andhra Pradesh has never voted for a Hung Assembly previously. Political Experts believe that the upcoming election is also going to be a One-Sided affair and has very fewer chances of emerging as a three-way contest. Janasena’s graph has fallen significantly since the start of 2019. Pawan Kalyan has to do something drastic to change the Public Perception.