Beware BJP and Congress, We are coming: KCROne year before the elections, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is already in Election Mood. KCR is commissioning surveys of all the constituencies and is assessing the strength of the parties for every fortnight.

He is already preparing the list of the candidates. On the other side, KCR is not keen on leaving any stone untouched for winning the election. KCR is dolling out freebies almost to every section in all possible ways so that the voters will be happy with the government.

“The 8000 Per Acre Agriculture Assistance and Free Insurance for Farmers are the major schemes but there are more schemes touching every community which will be announced in the coming days. The aim is to benefit 70-80% of the electorate directly by 2019,” a source in TRS told us.

The first installment of Agriculture Assistance will be deposited just before the election notification into the bank accounts of the farmers. About 70 Lakh families will be directly given money before the notification. It is expected to benefit the ruling party immensely.