Miss Once Again, No More Chances: CBI Court to JaganMP Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju‘s petition to revoke the bail of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has come to a hearing in Nampally CBI Court. Both the respondents – Jagan and CBI did not file the counters once again.

The counsel representing Jagan told the court that they could not file the counter due to Lockdown and other reasons. The counsel representing the CBI informed the court that he is still waiting for the necessary inputs from the investigating agency.

The CBI court already gave two chances to file a counter but both the parties failed. The lawyer representing Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju objected to it and asked the judge to impose a fine for wasting court time. The court gave a final chance to file the counter.

It is further clarified that if Jagan and CBI do not file the counter by the next hearing, the trial will begin without the counters. The next hearing of the case is posted on June 1st. So the trial on the bail revocation will begin on June 1st, irrespective of the fact that the counters are filed or not by then.

Political experts say Jagan not filing the counter is understandable because he wants to delay the trial as soon as possible. But CBI making the delay is suspicious.