The Misery of Congress Exposed in NandyalNandhyal MP is the seat where Late PV Narasimha Rao set a National Record by winning with a margin of 5,80,297 votes but in the Nandhyal MLA Constituency, the by-election now revealed the apathy of Congress party.

The Grand old party just managed 1382 Votes (0.79%), a notch higher than NOTA which has got 1260 Votes. NOTA has got more votes than Congress is Seven of the total 19 Rounds in counting. Needless to add that the deposit can not be saved for the party which won Nandhyal seat for five times in the past.

The loss reflects the mood of the nation towards Congress party and also indicates that the people of Andhra will never ever forgive the party for what it did in the case of the state division. This will only mean that the leftover leaders will also go into hibernation now.