M9News Impact: ABN Radhakrishna Accepts MistakeA few days ago, M9News published an article saying that ABN Radhakrishna is not concentrating enough on Andhrajyothy’s web department.

We published (Check here) how clickbait thumbnails used there (especially on Chiranjeevi’s Godfather) are bringing a bad name for ABN and also TDP indirectly.

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The unnecessary and bad taste thumbnails were bringing Kamma – Kapu split.

That article has triggered angry TDP fans to trend the #BanABNSaveTDP hashtag on Twitter. Even though TDP fans are angry with ABN on that issue for some time, this article has triggered them to trend that hashtag.

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Radhakrishna mentioned about this in his Weekend comment and explained how he is not into websites and emails.

He went on to say he reprimanded concerned employees when it came to his notice. Radhakrishna, however, tried to use the trend in his favor saying that ABN is not favorable to any Political Party including TDP.

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TDP is facing the brunt of such mistakes even though it is impossible that the party can influence ABN’s day-to-day affairs including the Cinema section.

Anyways, it is important that Radhakrishna keeps a tab of what is happening on the web given that digital is the future.