Minor Takeaway for TDP from BJP - Janasena Alliance Janasena and BJP have joined hands together and announced that they will jointly contest all the elections till 2024 General Elections. Political Experts say that this is an immediate attempt to occupy the Opposition Space of TDP. The Cycle Party will be keenly observing the consequences.

However, there is a minor advantage to TDP in this issue. Communist Parties which have contested with Janasena in 2019 Elections will distance from the party and will need a shoulder to lean until the next election. TDP may be the choice for now.

Communist Parties usually position themselves anti-government. So, TDP will be a natural choice. Even though Communist Parties do not bring any electoral advantage, they will support on ground support in various Anti-government programs which will be taken up by TDP in the future.

Already CPI is sailing with TDP in the agitation against the Trifurcation of the Capital. It has to be seen what CPI(M) decides to do now.