Ministers Rajini & Amar Maintaining Three OfficesIn the name of killing Amaravati, the Velagapudi Secretariat constructed with 100s of Crores is reeking neglect. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy does not work from here.

So do most of the Ministers. Despite having offices, ministers are wasting so much money on camp offices.

Ministers Vidadala Rajini and Gudivada Amar are maintaining three offices. Besides their chambers in the Secretariat, they have camp offices and also offices in APIIC building in Mangalagiri.

These offices do not have official permission. Respective departments are footing the bills for these unnecessary offices. The bills run into several Lakhs of Rupees every month.

Immediately after taking oath, both the Ministers have got their chambers in Velagapudi Secretariat remodeled as per their Personal tastes spending Lakhs of Rupees but they are not going there.

They also set up camp offices at their residences. Security and staff were appointed at all these offices wasting important resources and money.

Since the Secretaries and HODs are always with the Ministers, employees are also not coming to the Secretariat.