Minister's Gunmen Pushes Away YCP MayorMinister Vidadhala Rajini inaugurated an Urban Health Center in the 32nd Division of Ayodhyanagar in Vijayawada Central constituency on Saturday.

MLA Malladi Vishnu also attended the program. As per the protocol, the Mayor, the first person in the city will be ahead of even the local MLA.

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The gunmen of Rajini misbehaved with the Mayor, Bhagyalakshmi, and stopped her from going on to the dias. They even pushed her away and she fell down.

The minister, MLA, and Deputy Mayor did see that but did not do anything.

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The followers of the Mayor have helped her get down on her feet. The mayor left the place in tears. Her followers say she is discriminated against in the party for being a BC woman.

The district collector and the municipal commissioner who attended the program also did not care to intervene.

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