KTR, KTR Sand Mafia, KTR Harish Rao Sand Mafia, KTR Attacks Harish Rao Sand Mafia, Minister KTR Attacks Harish Rao Sand Mafia, KTR Rides Harish Rao Sand Mafia, Minister KTR Rides Harish Rao Sand Mafia,  KTR Rides Harish Rao Telangana Sand Mafia, KTR Attacks Telangana Sand Mafia, Telangana Mining Minister K Taraka Ramarao conducted a Sudden Visit to a Sand Mining Area in Karimnagar cancelling all his other schedules. The Sudden Visit is creating ripples in Telangana Political Circles. They say that the mining area is under the lease of a follower of Harish Rao.

The Majority of Sand Mining Areas in the state is in the control of Harish Rao and Kavitha followers, a popular buzz in the political circles. KTR further did not allow media to the mining area and took a videographer along with him and sent the video footage to all the TV channels later on. Incidentally, Harish Rao used to handle Mining department but he left it out complaining work burden and KCR allotted it to KTR back then. There are doubts over this portfolio shift back then.

TRS Leaders are suspecting that there is something behind this sudden visit and are totally surprised that the ministers are trying to score points on each other. Harish batch alleges that KTR is looking for a chance to pin down their leaders which will not send positive signals to the people about the party and the government.