Eenadu has started its onslaught on YSR Congress Government. While the main page is dedicated to the corruption and Government failures, the middle pages are dedicated to the killer roads that are taking lives of the people.

The pictures of killer roads is making the Government unsettling. The difficult way is to get the roads repaired and maintain them. But YSR Congress Ministers took an easy route to solve the problem.

Minister Dadisetty Raja speaking at a program the other day attacked the Opposition for bad roads.

“These people are going places and are drilling holes on the good roads just to take the pictures and showcase the Government in bad light. They are doing dramas. Can’t they see many good roads in the state?,” Dadisetty Raja said.

If the Opposition is drilling holes on the roads, what is the Government doing? What happened to the Police, Revenue officials, R&B officials, and Volunteers? How many cases have been registered on the Opposition for destroying roads?

If the Minister has no answers to these questions, it is clear that these are baseless claims.