Adimulapu_Suresh_Adimulapu_SatishKodumur constituency of Kurnool district is an SC-reserved constituency. YSR Congress’s Jaradoddi Sudhakar won the 2019 election with a whopping 36,000 majority. But then, there are problems in the constituency right from day one.

YSR Congress has appointed Kotla Harshavardhan Reddy is appointed as the incharge. Kotla’s group is acting against the MLA while Minister Adimulapu Suresh’s brother, Satish is also poking his nose into the constituency.

Satish is a doctor and is trying to expand his footprint in the constituency in the name of medical camps. He is one of the many aspirants for the Kodumur ticket after the rumors of Sudhakar not getting one in 2024.

Satish manages the Adimulapu family’s educational institutions in the Kurnool district.

In fact, there are rumors that Adimulapu Suresh is also interested in contesting from Kodumur. Suresh won from Yerragondapalem constituency in the 2019 elections and is looking to shift to a new constituency sensing anti-incumbency.

Along with them, a journalist is also interested in getting the ticket. With too many aspirants, the YSR Congress cadre is confused about the party’s future.