Sri Krishna Committee in its report regarding state bifurcation issue stated that Communal parties like MIM will be expanded to rest of Telangana areas in case of the state division and looks like the report is turning out to be true. In the yesterday released Municipal elections and today’s MPTC/ZPTC elections, MIM have won at some places outside its stronghold, Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts.

MIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi had specially concentrated in areas of Telangana and Rayalaseema in which Muslims are present in big numbers. Even canvassed heavily in those places. Analysts are foretelling that if at all Congress or Telangana Rashtra Samiti will need the help of MIM then it will be a golden opportunity for them to expand in few more territories of the region. MIM ruled areas are highly known for lawlessness. We will have to see how this turn out!