millennium towers visakhapatnamMillennium IT Towers which is constructed with a cost of 145 Crore used to house several IT companies during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime. When YSR Congress came to power and planned to shift the capital to Vishakapatnam, it has planned to have the Secretariat there.

Accordingly, the government has asked the companies in the tower to vacate. The companies which operated there have shifted to Hyderabad. With that, several employment opportunities were also lost. Only one company, Conduent is working in the tower right now.

The remaining has been vacant for around two years. The Government could not put it to use since the capital shift has been stuck in legal hassles. And at the same time, the Government is losing Lakhs of Rupees on rents every month by keeping the towers vacant.

This is a prime example of how governments can be insensitive to public money.