Mild Tremors Felt in A Few Districts of Andhra Pradesh and TelanganaIn the early hours of today, a few districts of both the Telugu States shook in fear. Mild tremors were felt in several villages in Krishna and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh and Khammam, Suryapet districts of Telangana for a few seconds between 2.35 – 2.50 am.

People ran out of their homes and took shelter on roads for several hours after that in fear. While the reason for the tremors is yet to be ascertained, experts have begun studying the seismic activity to establish what may have caused the incident.

There were reports that a few areas in Hyderabad also felt these tremors. Experts say that these kinds of tremors are very common in the catchment area of Krishna River but they are harmless. In February last year, similar tremors were felt in the Khammam district of Telangana.

On the flipside, YSR Congress supporters on Social Media are using these tremors as one of the reasons for the Capital change.