michigan-state-university-mass-shootingThe agonisingly disturbing gun culture in the USA is leading to more and more violence in the country. Today, the Michigan State University had to fall prey to another mass shooting.

A couple of hours ago, there were reports of gunfire at the Michigan State University by an unidentified man.

It was later identified that the shooter was a short black man, wearing a jean jacket, and red shoes. He was at large until just a few minutes ago.

The latest developments are suggesting that the shooter has been found dead. He was reportedly carrying more guns and ammo with him. He is found in lifeless condition now.

“There is no longer a threat to campus. We believe there to be only one shooter in this incident. And there is no longer a need to shelter in place in campus,” the MSU interim deputy chief said in a media briefing a short while ago.

3 people are confirmed to be dead due to the gunfire and 5 more are at the hospital, receiving treatment. There were reportedly multiple shooting scenes inside the campus.

This has sparked a huge uproar on social media as commoners are fuming over the authorities in view of these mass shootings at schools and universities which is as alarming as it can get.