Charminar-metro-railOnce again the people of Old City are deprived of development in the name of politics. News is emerging that the alignment of Hyderabad Metro Rail will be changed so that it do not enter Old City. According to the approved plan, Metro Rail should go by Charminar and reach Falknuma.

However MIM party is opposing this move in the name of Land Acquisition and some mosques getting destroyed. The party is suggesting to change the alignment from beside Musi to Bahadupura, thereby the Metro Rail will not enter Old City, the bastion of MIM.

The ruling party is seeing MIM as its natural ally ahead of the crucial GHMC elections and the future prospects. Hence there are indications that Telangana government will be withdrawing the Old City proposal and go with the alternate plan. On the other side, the government is also not decided on the alignment change in Sultanbazaar and Old Assembly building as it is costing 2000 Crore extra on the state exchequer.