hyderabad metro rail project budgetAccording to a preliminary assessment of the state government, the proposed three alignment changes for Hyderabad Metro Rail project will cost at least 1000 Crore for the state exchequer and may extend the project timeline by an year more. It is known that the concessionaire had already agreed to make changes for the Metro routes at three places – near old Assembly, Old City and Sultan Bazaar.

However experts say this 1000 Crore estimation by the state government will not be sufficient at all and the actual figure may arrive at 2500-3000 Crores after the assessment of new routes, land acquisition, tests, construction of pillars and stations etc. This extra burden will have to be borne by the state government itself as agreed up on in the project agreement.

According to the schedule, the project extending in three phases has to be complete by the end of 2017. However with these changes, the government expects the project to complete by 2018 which may be even more in real. L&T and Telangana government will once again sit together on 20th of this month to finalize the terms of this changes.