Tarnaka Family Commits SuicideThe deaths of four family members in Tarnaka have made headlines all of today. The family was residing in Sonali Apartments in Tarnaka, where the incident happened. The main culprit in the story is being projected as Pratap, 34.

Pratap and his wife Sindura, 32, were having differences with regards to shifting base to Chennai. Pratap was working at a car company as a designer while Sindura was working as a bank manager in Hayat Nagar at a private bank.

They had a daughter Aadya, 4, ad Pratap’s mother Rajati was also living with them in Tarnaka. Initially, when the issue emerged, everybody believed that the family had committed suicide due to differences over shifting to Chennai and financial issues.

However, Sindura’s mother made an important statement ruling out suicide. She said that Pratap killed the other three members and hung himself. For now, the police are still trying to find clues to establish the motive and cause of death.

Meanwhile, the police now believe that Pratap strangled his mother during the early hours and killed his wife and daughter prior to that. Police assume that after killing them, Pratap hanged himself to death.