Chiranjeevi, founder of PRP, has failed to take his party to heights and finally fell in the well of Congress, merging his party with it. Hating this move from his elder brother, Pawan Kalyan has formed a party of his own to serve the people and correct the mistake his brother, Chiranjeevi, has committed. And now, we have the third brother, who is likely to join politics too, but where?

Mega-brother, Nagababu, is now making news. Not only Nagababu announced his support to Chiru, he also requested fans to support his brother Chiru right before Pawan’s JSP launch, but there seems to be a twist in the story. According to few unfurnished reports, it is his heard that Nagababu is willing to join Telugu Desam Party. Though these are just speculations, Mega-fans are surprised to hear this. Not supporting either of his brothers can be a foolish move or, can turn out to be a good one.

There are various speculations around but if this news turns out to be true, it will be a real shock to all the fans of the mega-family. Having no former experience in politics, will Nagababu even enter politics or will he play safe and continue with his Telugu serials?