Meeting Narendra Modi Strategical Mistake by YS JaganOpposition Leader, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi earlier this weekend and pledged his unconditional support for NDA’s Candidate in the upcoming Presidential Elections. There are several interpretations about the intent of the meet and the support.

But then, it is undeniable fact that Jagan is trying to be in the good books of Modi for obvious reasons. But then, this will come with a price tag. Congress and Communists are going to put up a candidate against NDA. Communists have already started lambasting Jagan with this meeting.

Supporting NDA’s Candidate means YSR Congress may not have an alliance with Communists in the upcoming elections which will lead to a divided Opposition Vote. Moreover, Muslims who are a strong support base to YSR Congress will obviously annoyed with this decision.

On the other side, Political Experts say Jagan has no options given that CBI and ED are tightening screws on him in various cases. But will BJP openly come out and have an alliance with YSR Congress? is the most interesting question now.