wrong-survey-donald-trump-narendra-modi-elections-pollsTo the surprise of the world population, Donald Trump was elected as the President of United States of America beating Hillary Clinton. Kudos to Trump. It was a surprise to the world reason being the media broadcast was favorable to Hillary to say.

If we go back to history, there is a correlation of this incident to Indian elections of 2014 too. Media was likely to be against Narendra Modi who have been reported that he was against religion diversity of India, communal and the Riots in Gujarat in 2002 etc. which was misleading the voters and created a confusion of whom to elect.

Similarly, Voters of United States of America were fed with a suspicion by media that NRIs would be let off the country, that he is a fascist, delusional also that he has no grip on political reality.

However, all the publication of media in both the countries didn’t work. Then Modi and now Trump, both nailed it proving that there is a miscommunication between media and the viewers. This has also shown that voters go with media in all the accounts.