YS_Jagan_SakshiSpeaking at an investor’s summit in Delhi, Jagan Mohan Reddy made a crucial comment regarding the capital.

“Here I am to invite you to Vishakapatnam which is going to be our capital in days to come. I Myself will be shifting to Vishakapatnam in months to come as well,” Jagan said inviting the delegates to an investor summit in Vizag in March.

This is the first time Jagan had publicly acknowledged shifting to Vishakapatnam.

Also, it is noticeable that Jagan dropped the words like ‘Three Capitals’ and ‘Executive Capital’ and called Vishakapatnam as the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The announcement hogged the limelight of the media and became a point of discussion for the media, politicians, and even the general public.

The CM passing such a remark when the matter is subjudice became debatable. All Newspapers today carried the statement as their main headline except for Sakshi.

The headline instead is ‘Pettubadulatho Randi’. Inside the article, there is a twisted statement of Jagan saying Vishakapatnam is the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Probably, Sakshi does not want to carry a statement that will trigger a debate about ‘Vishakapatnam Vs Three Capitals’.

But the real big question is ‘Did Jagan make such an important statement without such calculations?’.

If he really did, it is something really pathetic.