sakshi_mediaYSR Congress is trying its best to evade the shame of defeat in MLC elections. Jagan Media, Sakshi struggled to showcase the results of the Graduate MLC elections in which TDP shocked Sakshi.

On the first page today, Sakshi carried Jagan’s Delhi tour as the Banner item. There is another item – “Jai Kottina Teacherlu’ indicating YSRCP’s win in Teachers’ elections.

There is no mention of TDP winning Uttarandhra and East Rayalaseema seats. Instead, they carried the title ‘Konsaguthunna Pattabadrula Votela Lekkimpu’ and another title – “TDP Kattalloko YSRCP Votlu’.

The titles indicate the attempts not to show TDP’s victory. Also, Sakshi already started searching for reasons for the loss of West Rayalaseema’s seat where the result is yet to come, and YSRCP’s position is in a delicate situation.

Sakshi dedicates its Tenth page to MLC elections coverage.

Three-fourths of the page is tom-tomming the Teachers’ constituency victory of YSRCP along with an advertisement.

There are two more stories alleging that officials are helping TDP in the counting center of West Rayalaseema. Again, there is no mention of TDP winning two MLC seats. It just wrote the counting is still on and no one got the majority yet even though the announcement came at night.

It is usual for Newspapers to delay printing to carry the result but Sakshi intentionally did not do that.