Harish-Rao-ThanneeruTelangana Government recently inaugurated eight medical colleges across the state. This is after the Central Government did not allocate a single new medical college to Telangana after its inception.

The colleges are starting classes today and Telangana Government has given main page ads about this in all major Newspapers this morning.

There is a full-length picture of KCR in the ads but the picture of Health Minister Harish Rao is completely ignored.

Usually, in such ads, the pictures of the concerned ministers are a must at least the small ones but Harish Rao is completely missing.

This has become a point of discussion in political circles.

BJP is trying to use this to create a rift between KCR and Harish Rao.

These eight new medical colleges will ensure 1,500 new MBBS seats and that would better the medical infrastructure in Telangana.