EENADU Ramoji Rao targets JaganThe Most circulated Newspaper in both the Telugu States, Eenadu has upped its ante against the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh for a couple of months.

However, Eenadu has been doing it indirectly till now. Whenever there is a lapse in government, it is publishing side by side the lapse and what has been promised.

That way, people can understand what is going wrong even without Eenadu explaining anything.

But there is a shift in that in today’s Newspaper. This is regarding the CM’s Ventruka kuda Peekaleru comment the other day at a public meeting in Nandhyala.

Eenadu captioned the News article as ‘CM Nota Kodali Nani Basha’ (Kodali Nani’s language from Chief Minister’s mouth).

Analyzing the statement, Eenadu wrote – “Power cuts, averse judgments in courts, deepening financial crisis, spurious liquor’s deaths, CBI probe into Viveka’s murder, family members moving away, cabinet reshuffle issues may be the reason for Chief Minister losing patience in severe frustration”.

This is the first time Eenadu has made such a direct attack on the Chief Minister.

Probably, that is the reason why the CM is so angry with Eenadu and is mentioning it repeatedly these days.

In a different article, Eenadu wrote how Jagan Government promised Vasathi Deevana two times per year but did not give so far.

In the two years of implementation, the government only gave one installment per year saving 2000 Crore rupees, Eenadu wrote.