Media Talk: CM Doubles Rates For Unknown PaperIt is known that Telangana CM KCR has been going hard against the BJP. He is reportedly on the verge of renaming TRS as BRS and is expected to announce the same on the 5th of October, marking Vijaya Dasami. He is set to go all out against BJP on the national front.

Now, an interesting move from KCR has caught everyone’s attention and this involves the Communists Parties, which have been firmly standing against the BJP.

Incidentally, the TRS government has upgraded the payscale for a newspaper that is operated by the Communists Party. This rather unknown paper which has very little circulation in Telangana has been accorded a payscale that is on par with largely popular papers. This is government’s way of incentivising the publication that is operated by the Communists.

Netizens are now commenting that KCR is trying to enter the good books of the Communist Parties with his new decision. This has become a hot topic in the political circles now.